About Masters Martial Arts

The Nolensville Masters Martial Arts instructors teach the most exciting and practical form of mixed martial arts ever developed!

Our mixed form of martial arts is cutting edge in every respect. Our unique mixture of styles and training methods include the most useful techniques from the most effective disciplines, including Taekwondo, JuJitsu, and Israeli self-defense martial arts, just to name a few.

Martial arts as we know it probably did not evolve until systems of offensive and defensive skills were devised in or imported into China. There, these fighting skills were combined with intangible elements such as compassion, discipline and self-control.

Martial arts prospered as the only means with which a person could defend himself or herself and his or her family. But even as more civilized times descended upon humanity, the arts survived.

But even as more civilized times descended upon humanity, the arts survived. The martial arts have transcended their violent origins primarily because they teach much more than fighting. True martial arts stress character development, discipline and respect. Self-defense, physical fitness and competition are some of the other benefits that modern practitioners enjoy.

We can trace American karate's roots back through Japan, Okinawa, Korea, China, and even India. In fact, American karate is the melting pot of martial arts. Through both adaptation and innovation, American karate has developed into what has become widely accepted as the most practical style of martial arts taught in the world. However, at Masters Martial Arts, we strive to grow without forgetting our roots.

You'll find a group at Masters Martial Arts that prides itself on developing and maintaining the most effective methods of building character through martial arts training. Our mission is to provide the best martial arts experience available. We respect traditional martial art methods while we take advantage of the newest techniques developed.

We then take this innovative blend of the old and new and individualize for each of our students.  Our aim is to maximize our students' physical progress and mental discipline while enhancing their appreciation for the spirit and ethos of martial arts.

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