Becoming a Black Belt

The morning started with rain, a lot of rain, then some flooding, roads closed, nerves spiking.  I did not receive one call from any Black Belt Candidate questioning if Black Belt Testing at the Nolensville Historic Gym would be cancelled or delayed.  They all knew the answer, becoming a Black Belt means taking what comes your way and fighting through it, going around it or jumping over it, but NEVER giving up.  Unless the Gym was underwater, the show must go on.   And it was spectacular!!  Forms were performed with confidence and precision because these students were prepared. Sparring was full of jumps and spins and kicks and punches, probably some bruises, but not one bloody nose because we are all friends here.  The Self Defense skits were next where our students show their creative side as well as their skills in taking down would be opponents and they were memorable to say the least.  And one last hurdle, board breaking, ice crushing and tile smashing was before them.  Some of those boards were pretty stubborn, but the black belt candidates were more stubborn.  In the end, the 13 Black Belt Candidates became what they knew they were all along.  BLACK BELTS!!

Mr. Mast (now 8th Degree) and I could not be more proud to call of you our Black Belts.  You earned that new belt tied around your waist.